Terms & Policies

Please read the fine print so we don't have to talk about it again later.


Rich's Custom Seats will warranty materials and Workmanship for 12 months from purchase. Any failure, except damage due to accident, neglect or abuse, will be repaired or replaced free of charge upon return to Rich's Custom Seats. If you remove your cover or tamper with your Seat, your warranty will be voided.

When Rich builds your seat it is built within 1/16th of an inch. You CANNOT have anything in your rear pocket!!! If you ride with a wallet in your back pocket (Rich will be able to tell) and you will have voided your warranty!!


After the seat is fitted to your satisfaction and completed....... if you determine that modifications are necessary there will be an hour dismantling fee. All work and modifications beyond that will be on an hourly basis.

What Constitutes an Adjustment Versus a Modification?


An Adjustment is any change implemented to change the seat angle, relieve uncomfortable pressure, widen or modify pocket, create better ground reach, or slight adjustment in forward or aft position no more than one inch in any direction.

(Must be able to reuse cover)


A Modification is any major change requested that constitutes a cover change or replacement. Or any Modification that was not originally requested during the fitting process. These changes are NOT considered warranty items and will be charged for accordingly!

About Corbin Seats

Note: Additional Labor is required on Corbin Seats, please inquire.


Methods of Payment

Personal check. Cash. Business check. Visa. Mastercard. AMEX.


There will be a $65.00 charge for last-minute cancellations. 72 hours notification is required.