The Process

Every seat is made just for you.


Our preferred method is for you to come into our shop for a day and have your seat custom fitted to you. If that's your plan, then go ahead and connect with us via the contact page and we'll get a reservation set up for you.



If you need to mail in your seat, then the following form is for you! Please read the instructions carefully.

We can get started on what you need if you send us two side profile photos of yourself on your bike and the complete form you see below. We can create a dimensional fitted seat without you being in the shop if you wish to simply send us your existing seat. Here is what we need:

1. A side profile photo of you (the rider) on the bike in riding position (feet on pegs, hands on grips.)

2. A side profile photo of you (the rider) in stopped position( feet on ground)

3. A side profile photo of just the passenger on the bike if ordering a 2-up seat or solo - pillon combination.

Not seeing our submission form down below?
Please check any adblock software to ensure that it isn't preventing the form from loading.

Methods of Payment

Personal check. Cash. Business check. Visa. Mastercard. AMEX.


There will be a $65.00 charge for last-minute cancellations. 72 hours notification is required.