Cover Materials

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Most commonly used because of color selections and maintenance. Vinyl is very durable and economical.

Viny with a Leather Insert

The seat area is leather with the surrounding area being vinyl or a "leather-touch" vinyl (looks and feels like leather). With proper maintenance to the leather.....this is a very durable and long-lasting cover of beauty and breathability.

All Leather

This is the most popular seat cover because of looks, feel, durability and comfort. It is easily kept protected and supple by using a good leather conditioner, i.e., Lexol. This cover will last the life of your bike.

Exotic Leathers

Consider the possibilities! Ostrich. Alligator. Stringray. Plus, other options. Inquire for details.

A Truly Custom Look

We also offer multi-colored stitching, graphics, and inlays to tie in with your motorcycle paint scheme or your individual style. For that one of a kind custom bike, we hand-form seat pans to fit your custom fenders, tanks, etc. for the perfect fit to your body work.

Replacement Cover Services

We have thousands of new/old stock replacement covers to offer from $40 to $75. New/old stock covers installed run $75 to $125 with one day service. Inquire to see if we have the cover you need.

One Final Note

All seat covers are made for each individual seat. No two seats are alike. Therefore, your cover is patterned and cut by hand, machine stitched, and installed by hand. There is no assembly line - Just one-on-one handcrafted motorcycle upholstery.


Gel pads are available for additional comfort. Inlayed into the top of the seat foam, they make the miles go by much easier.


A heated seat insert quickly provides comforting warmth to the rider through the seat's cushion to make riding on even the chilliest day more enjoyable!! The seat heater does not change the look of the seat, but it does enhance the rider's comfort. Each seat heater draws less than two amps and is individually fused.