The Process

Every seat is made just for you.


We start with the seat you have. We find out what’s working for you, and what isn’t. We’ll take some measurements, and see how you sit on the bike.

Then the real fun begins. We’ll tear apart your seat, and rebuild it from the seat mounts up. We’ll carve, shave, and refine the shape of your seat to fit you. You hop on your bike, and see how it works. We keep going until you love it.

Then we add a polymer gel pad for optimal comfort, and cover it back up. We can use your original material, or you can select from our wide range of custom materials and colors. We’ll stitch it back together, better than ever. One last test ride, and we’ll have you back on the road, better than ever, ready to ride as far and as hard as you want.

What To Bring

What To Expect


Methods of Payment

Personal check. Cash. Business check. Visa. Mastercard. AMEX.


There will be a $65.00 charge for last-minute cancellations. 72 hours notification is required.