We don't like to talk about ourselves ... so here's what others have said.

From Richard Mazurek:

Just want to let you know that my new seat is great! After that final adjustment it is now what I call “My Seat”. No aftermarket seat can accomplish the fit that “My Seat” has. I may have been their most of the day but it was worth it. You see when your on the road having a good time the last thing you want to think about is your sore butt. With a good seat I guess that’s good advertisement. Roxie and I rode over 260 miles that day after we left your shop.

About time spent waiting, because of the people and stories by other riders and your self that makes the time go by quickly. Doesn’t matter what they ride or their profession. When it all boils down were all “Bikers”.

Keep up the good work. I also greatly appreciate the good work and skill that your crew has.