We don't like to talk about ourselves ... so here's what others have said.

From John Webber:

Rode into Orlando at 5:15 yesterday. Had a great trip, and thanks to your seat, the trip back was a lot more comfortable than the trip out.

After I left your shop (despite the rain and the traffic) I rode to south of Portland that night. After seeing the weather you’ve been having, I’m sure glad I made it out when I did. It rained all day the next day, but after that I didn’t hit rain again until Memphis.

Basically, I took I-5 to Bakersfield, cut across to I-40 and stayed on it until Memphis. Then I took I-55 south to I-10 and headed east. Picked up I-75 and headed south to Orlando. Covered 3857 miles with no problems. The RT ran great all the way and use d no oil.

Seat seems to fit fine. Since you installed it the bike’s mileage has increased, my sex life has improved and my complexion has cleared up.

Not a bad deal.