We don't like to talk about ourselves ... so here's what others have said.

From Greg Darr:

You made some custom padding and a backrest for my 2008 BMW R1200 GS seat last summer. Since I have very little disk left between my lowest two vertebrae, it doesn’t take much to cause extreme back pain sometimes. Unfortunately, that first customized seat put my hips in a position that made it worse. Fortunately, you redid it for free a couple of weeks later, spending as much time as was needed to make it perfect for my particular problem. Now I’m happy to report that, following a recent 7,500 mile 3 week bike trip to the East Coast and back, the only part of me that didn’t hurt was my lower back! Now I go for long rides whenever my back starts hurting, for a little lower back physical therapy. It’s the only thing that helps. Any time the subject of custom bike seats comes up, I recommend you.
Thanks for the Theraputic Seat.‚Äč