We don't like to talk about ourselves ... so here's what others have said.

From Ed and Arlene Pretty:

We’re the patient Canadians who waited last week while you worked on our Electra Glide seat until after 10:00 PM. I can’t tell you how much we appreciated you and all of your crew who worked overtime to get us out of the shop in one day. We know they (and you) would rather have gone home after that very busy day than stay late. Please pass on our appreciation and many thanks.

I know you’ve heard this countless times before, but the seat you built is awesome. We left Seattle to meet friends from home and carry on to Baker City, Oregon for the Hell’s Canyon Rally. We spent the weekend there riding and then returned home to BC. We rode a total of about 1500 miles after leaving your shop and not once did I experience the pain that I normally do. We hit some of the worst weather that any of us have ridden in including probably the worst hail storm on the way down and hard, steady rain for all the 500 miles home. Quite honestly it demanded complete concentration the whole time and I know from the past that would have been a lmost impossible with my butt as sore as it used to get after a few hours riding.

That being said, besides enhancing our riding pleasure tremendously, I truly feel you have enhanced our safety by eliminating pain and reducing fatigue. I’ll stand by that 100% and won’t hesitate to recommend your work.

Thanks again for the comfortable miles that we will ride from now on.

PS. Shoulda got the Feng Shui upgrade. We’ll be back for comfort stitch backrest covers (rider and passenger) whenever you get a set off another bike. Please hold a set and we will check in by email from time to time.

PPS. Thanks to the leather, our sheepskin is now retired except perhaps for our dead-of-winter runs.