We don't like to talk about ourselves ... so here's what others have said.

From David Harris:

This spring you lowered and rebuilt my KLR seat. I was planning a trip to Alaska and the Artic Ocean, Prudo Bay, and back . You said to send a picture, so I am. As I left your shop, and rode home I admit I had some doubts about the seat. I was concerned it may be too hard. I tend to like cushy seats. I was wrong. It is hard, but it seems to do the job. At one point on the trip, I traded bikes with my partner, Jed. He was also riding a KLR with a lowered seat and gel pad installed. After 20 minutes, my butt was hurting, and I wanted my bike back. Jed commented how superior the comfort of my seat was to his . Coming home, I rode a 400 mile day and a 500 mile day, with not much effort.The seat is great. Thanks.‚Äč