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Rich's Is the Northwest's Leader in Custom Motorcycle Seats!   At Rich's, we custom build each seat to match all aspects of your body and, if you choose, that of your passenger.  To get the most out of your riding experience your seat needs to accommodate your unique dimensions. A custom seat is one made to accommodate you!   Your specific size, shape, inseam, and riding style make up the requirements for a truly CUSTOM seat.  A "seat-in-a-box" cannot address these aspects.  With a custom seat from Rich's, you are not asked to compromise your comfort.

At Rich's, we customize seats for any make of motorcycle from Harley's to Hondas - BMW's to BSA's!   To do the best work on your custom seat, we ask that you bring your bike and your passenger into the shop.  This way we can fit the seat to you according to your individual height, weight, inseam, etc.  We also make every effort to accomodate our out of town customers and their special needs.

To ensure your seat will be the best possible fit, call Rich's today to set up your individual custom fitting and change the feel of that bike forever!

Watch Rich Build a Custom Seat!
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The Mission of Rich's Custom Seats is to Create a better riding experience throught fitting you to your motorcycle via the seat. Primarily, through a one on one custom fitting with Rich himself. Giving you more confidence on the bike and more control over it, will ensure that you and the people you ride with will have a much more enjoyable adventure.

Oh, and by the way, yes, we do have internet access, Guest Facilities and 3 restaurants within walking distance.....For More information please inquire.....

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